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Looking for a Puppy?
Your Aspencreek puppy comes with....
AKC-FSS papers
UKC papers
CERF eye exam
Stud & Dam Information/Health Certifications
Breed specific notebook
Photo album
Blanket that smells like Mom
Aspencreek's Kobi

We breed for the healthiest Chinooks possible.  Upon request we will provide pedigrees, health certifications, littermate information, etc of the dogs we are planning to breed.  All have passed OFA (hip) exams and CERF (eye) exams.  The Aspencreek line is seizure free as well as cataract free.  We CERF puppies raised in our home before they leave at eight weeks to ensure our lines stay healthy.  It is easier for us to have exams done on all pups than ask new puppy owners to CERF their dog at a later date.  We want litter information to help us decide breedings in our downline rather than rely on the findings of only the pup that is to be bred.   You can look up Chinooks at the OFA website   The CERF website is    I have published a book to help breeders keep track of their litters.  You can see it on my website    My full-time occupation finds me working with cancer patients, so health is extremely important to me.   
We register our Chinooks with both AKC-FSS (American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Service) and UKC (United Kennel Club)   Chinooks will move into Miscellaneous Class in AKC this year.  All Chinooks having UKC papers will be accepted into AKC with proper paerwork completed. 
In the late 90's a Chinook Cross Program was started by the Chinook Owner's of America club to breed Chinooks to Siberians and other dogs.  The offspring were then bred back to purebred Chinooks.  Some of these dogs have been accepted as "purebred" through the COA Cross Program and have been issued UKC registration papers..  In 2009 Chinook Club of America petitioned AKC to accept all Chinooks with UKC papers regardless of their cross heritage.  AKC's decision to accept all Chinooks will unify the breed.  A breed standard was approved by the Chinook Club of America for AKC in 2009.  I was on the committee that wrote the standard.
We aren't raising puppies now but this gives you an idea of our breeding goals, etc.  We research breedings and only have a litter if we feel it will benefit the breed as a whole.  Most of our females/bitches only have two litters in their lifetime.  The first week after pups are born we sleep next to the whelping box to be sure pups are well cared for.  At three to four weeks of age we move puppies to our kitchen and begin exposing them to everything that will help them succeed in their new homes.  Our last two litters were well on their way to being potty trained before leaving.  You'd never guess little puppies could be so smart!  You can see more photos of our litters at  userid=AspencreekChinooks
Our priority is finding the best home possible for each puppy.  We do not require you to show your dog.  We place breed potential and pet quality puppies.  We can't tell if a pup will be breedable at eight weeks, but do our best in taking a guess.  We decide what puppy goes to which home during the seventh week after assessing temperament and physical exams.  This is mainly due to an assessment of who has both testicles and giving the stud dog their choice from the breeding.  Our contracts are very reasonable and we do not use co-ownership contracts unless a payment arrangement is needed.  We ask for a deposit when pups are one week old and the balance when you pick up your puppy.  We usually shed a tear when pups leave and have made good friends over the years in our puppy owners.  Two of our owners have come back for their second Chinook.  There is a saying that Chinooks are like potato chips, you can't just have one!  We've never had a puppy returned to us and all are loving companions in the homes chosen.
Ask lots of questions when talking to breeders in regards to contracts and health of related dogs.  Breeders should be very honest and provide documentation.  You should feel comfortable with your breeder.  Look over the contract and make sure you understand it.  Some breeders use co-ownership contracts which means they are also owners of your puppy.
If you inquire about our breedings, we ask you to fill out a questionnaire which we use to stay in touch with you and can notify you of other breedings we hear of as well.   We welcome visitors to meet our Chinooks and especially litters of puppies we are raising.  We try hard to socialize pups and get them off to a good start and having lots of company to help hold pups is wonderful.  Please feel free to ask questions! 
We decided this summer to spay Tali, our last intact female,  We are switching to studs for now, as we prefer to spend our vacation time in Idaho playing with the dogs.  Perhaps when we retire we can once again devote our time to raising puppies.  On occasion we may have a male puppy chosen from a stud service to place.  We would be looking for a home to keep the boy intact until health screening can be completed at about 2 years.  Come and visit to meet our boys, Kopa and Ranger.
I've created another page of upcoming breedings from Jackson's down line and breedings related to our dogs.. 

Alpine Tali**Aspencreek's Jackson litter
Ransom & Sabaka
Teo & Tanse
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