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GRCH 'PR' Aspencreek's Jackson Tyee
Jackson "Mr Red" 5 weeks

Jackson was the first puppy born at Aspencreek Chinooks.  He was known as "Mr Red" and went to live with Sarah, our college-aged daughter in Ellensburg, WA.  Jackson was one of five puppies born to ThunderPaws Nokomis and WoodsRunner Rorik.  Jackson's sire and dam are CERF normal, hips OFA certified, and seizure free.  All five puppies have had hip xrays with good and excellent hip ratings.  Three of the five have passing CERF eye exams, while the other two haven't been examined yet.
Jackson's lineage includes an impressive downline of exceptional Chinooks.  His maternal grandsire is CH 'PR' Englewood Kanati, who won Best of Breed at the 1998 UKC Chinook Specialty.  His paternal grandsire is GRCH 'PR' WoodsRunner Duncan who has been listed among the UKC Top Ten Chinooks.  Both of these Chinooks represent excellent type and conformation in the Chinook breed and have produced many outstanding dogs.  Jackson's health history also makes him an exceptional stud.  We hope Jackson's future breedings will benefit the breed with excellent health for generations to come. 
As of January 2007, Jackson has sired a total of thirty-one puppies.   Twenty-eight of the puppies have had CERF "normal" eye exams (three haven't been examined yet) and with 22 receiving passing OFA hip ratings and only one dysplastic reading.  One of his litters produced three puppies with wooly coats.  Two of seventeen males didn't have both testicles descend and have been neutered.  Seizures have not been seen in Jackson's grandparents, parents, littermates, nor his offspring.

  Photo used by NH to represent the state dog-Chinooks            Jackson in Idaho in February of 2004
Jackson has a litter plannned for fall 2010.  He is nine years old now with quality sperm and no health issues.  His parents are both alive and well at twelve years of age.  We have plans to freeze more sperm this year.                                                      


  Laly and Jackson
in SanFrancisco with Mike and Sarah

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