Aspencreek Chinooks
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Chinook dogs born February 2003

November 2003

Our litter of 2003  (ThunderPaws Nokomis "Jessie" and Mountain Laurel Koltag) is shown here at 8 months of age. 
With only four pups,  we started potty training at only four and a half weeks.  To our amazement, the pups were fast learners.  At six weeks of age they had run of the main floor of the house and we kept an eagle eye on them!  At seven  weeks they were pretty good at just heading out the back door to the yard to potty.   Pups are smarter than we think  :-)

Teo 6 weeks
Teo, Mr Red, weighed a whopping 19 ounces at birth.  He continued to grow, becoming the largest puppy produced in both of Jessie's litters.  Maks, from Jessie's first litter, weighs 97 lbs so it will be interesting to see how Teo develops.  We can only hope for the same "excellent" hip rating Maks obtained.
Teo lives with a police officer in Oregon and will be used with children's programs for the police department-somewhat of a PR dog and befriender of children in need.  We feel the Chinook's temperament is perfect for this task.  Cam, his owner, has won Congressional awards for the children's programs that she has written for the department and we feel confident Teo will be a hit in her skilled hands.
Sabaka 7 weeks with her Easter baby
Sabaka, was our most confident puppy in this litter.  She was quite a surprise as we didn't expect to see a black & tan with this breeding.  Black & tan Chinooks are quite rare compared to the total population.  I think Sabaka was the favorite with the majority of our visitors.  I'm not sure if it's because she looked different and caught their eye, or if it was her winning personality.  We heard quite a few people say "If you ever get another one..." 
Sabaka lives in California with a busy family-Susan, John, and their three teenagers.  Sabaka will have the pleasure of playing at the ocean which is a couple blocks from home as well as being used as a therapy dog in retirement homes owned by the family.  She will be one busy girl! She's very smart, so this should help keep her out of trouble :-)

Tanse 6 weeks

Tanse, Ms Yellow, also named Aspencreek's Mountain Dancer, was the spirited pup of the litter.  She knew what she wanted, how to get it, or if she couldn't, she let you know it!  She lives in Arizona with Laura, Bob, Rachel, Steve, and her dogfriend Kapik.  Kapik is a Siberian so Tanse seemed like an easy puppy in some regards.  To others, she may have been a handful.  She too has confidence galore and has already taken to agility.  She continues to amaze her family with her antics. 
Tanse means "to dance" in Chinook and is rightly named after the years the family has spent with dance for Rachel.  As Rachel heads for college we know Tanse will help fill the void her family feels.   
King's Ransom rooing at 19 days!
Ransom, Mr Blue, and the littlest pup at only 9 ounces at birth, had a tough few hours in the beginning.  I could tell within the first day that this pup had attitude and size was no limitation!  He rough-housed with the best of them, and taught his siblings a thing or two in the process :-)  Ransom resembled puppies from Jessie's first litter a bit more than his littermates-especially Belfast Blue, who also lives in Massachusetts.  Ransom was my favorite because he was the sweetheart of the litter.  I would often catch myself carrying him around the house because he was sooo lovable!   He started rooing at 19 days of age and delighted us many times with his antics while he was here.
Ransom lives with Marie and David in Massachusetts and with doggy friends Tess and Juno.   I still remember hearing Marie's story of him pulling the kitchen curtains down on a fly-by early one morning.  I think he must have learned a thing or two after leaving!  It couldn't have been at our house :-)  He's still precious in my mind.

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