Aspencreek Chinooks
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Chinook dogs born 6-1-2000

Future stars of Aspencreek-pups from our first litter born June 1, 2000
Sire:  WoodsRunner Rorik
Dam:  ThunderPaws Nokomis
Kobi is the father of our Tali, who we have high hopes for with future breedings.  Maks has been neutered, due to family wishes.  Jackson sired a litter of nine puppies in December 2003-all pups have CERF "normal" eyes at 7 weeks and all male pups have both testicles.  Belfast has no breeding plans I'm aware of.  Cherry may be bred within the next year and lives with Richalene (ThunderPaws Chinooks). 

2003 UKC "Best of Breed" Specialty Winner
Jackson 5 weeks OFA/GDC "good"
Belfast Blue 5 weeks OFA/GDC "good"
Cherry 5 weeks OFA Excellent
Kobi 5 weeks OFA/GDC "good"
Maks McGrath OFA "good"/GDC "excellent"
Jessie's first litter was a huge success.  Hip ratings so far have been incredible!  
Belfast was Monorchid, which means only one testicle descended.  This means he is pet quality and can't be shown, etc.  Monorchidism/Cryptorchidism is fairly common in the Chinook breed.  An affected dog should be neutered at some point, as there is an increased chance of testicular cancer in the retained testicle. 

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