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Upcoming Litters Aspencreek Grandpups

Aspencreek relatives with upcoming litters

Since we have focused on stud dogs until retirement, we would like to help you find puppies that have Aspencreek relatives in their pedigree.  We highly recommend the following breeders.  Some do not have litters planned at this time but there are also quite a few breedings coming up.  I will try and keep this list updated.  Feel free to ask questions and we wish you luck with your puppy search.
Aspencreek's Jackson Tyee has a breeding planned for fall 2010.  He will be bred to his grandaughter to set traits and good health.  Kaya is OFA Excellent.  Ranger is Kaya's brother.  If you'd like to be considered for this litter, please contact us at

Brownstone Chinooks located in Oregon has a puppy available.  You can read more about them and see pictures at



Pend O'reille Chinooks located in Idaho/Michigan



TorreyPines Chinooks located in California-Skookum page



Stellarbay Chinooks    Alpine Fionn-stud dog page 


Aspencreek’s Jackson’s daughter,  Zuzu-pups due spring 2010: see Alley's page    

Mary & Andy also own Jackson’s grand-daughter Alley        Colorado

We are planning on breeding Zuzu to Rivertrail Hudson on her next cycle (anytime between now and March!).  We are accepting applications.  Email for more information.

Mary Berg Malkiel



Highly Recommend Channahon Chinooks in Illinois: see Chinook dogs of Aspencreek

Litter planned for fall 2010

Amanda raised Kopa until he was eight weeks old and has whelped several litters.  She does an excellent job!  Ranger is the product of a joint breeding we did.

Amanda Bays

Channahon Chinooks



Ranger’s littermate Sandhill's Kaya will be bred in fall 2010 and is in Colorado.  Aspencreek's Jackson Tyee is the planned stud for the breeding which will hopefully emphasize the Aspencreek traits seen in Jackson's litter.  Kaya has excellent hips and CERF normal.  Please email us if you'd like to be considered for one of the puppies   Check out Kaya's website too.

Jen Hanley
Whirlwind Chinooks

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